WHEEL 7,0X16 IA KARGIN 6-SP 6/130 ET50 CH84,1

Product no.: V16706130E50SI84KAR6

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Below you find a detailed description of the item.

  • Model:KARGIN
  • Diameter:16"
  • Width:7
  • Offset (ET):50
  • Screws:6x130
  • Structure:1 pz
  • Code:V16706130E50SI84KAR6
  • Approval:VIA
  • Manufactured by:EU

Remember that you can simulate the selected wheel and car model in our configurator. For more information do not hesitate to contact with us.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By purchasing a complete set tires (4), will include centering rings necessary for installation.

Additional product information

  • 16"
  • 6x130
  • 50


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Additional 1 Year Warranty Additional 1 Year Warranty
15.00 € *
Turtle Wax wheel clean Turtle Wax wheel clean
10.00 € *
Kit of screws or nuts theft Kit of screws or nuts theft
25.00 € *
Valve Kit invisible Valve Kit invisible
15.00 € *
VAT included 
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